How to listen to Wikipedia articles

It's simple. Use the search box to get lightning-fast Wikipedia results. Click on the article to start listening to it. Click again to pause the playback.

How is this different from a dozen other apps that read Wikipedia out loud?

I run an algorithm on the articles to make the choice of words sound like those of a human reader. For example you won't hear citation numbers or sections like the table of contents or references. You will, however, hear content like the captions of images, block quotes, and some information from the boxes at the top of Wikipedia articles. Learn more about the algorithm.

This project is cool, how I can support it?

There are several ways, including reporting bugs, user experience suggestions, and feedback on the quality of the article transcripts. However, the most helpful thing you can do is to spread the word that this exists. Tell your friends, and link to this site!

Tips for listening to Wikipedia